Working with Successful Entrepreneurs and High Net Worth Individuals

Business Advice

Business Advice

There are times that a business owner needs professional strategic and management advice for their business.

The VergePointe professionals pride themselves on being able to help the privately held business in a variety of capacities.  Many professional firms focus on a variety of markets to deliver advice, but we spend the majority of our time working in the private business marketplace.

We provide board level financial and management advice for business owners and investors.  We often find ourselves working on growth strategies, merger and acquisition work, financial management, operational synergies and market facing pricing and marketing decisions.

There are also times where a business owner may wish to think about the process of selling the business.  We have extensive experience with understanding market valuations as well as working to pre-position the company for sale.

In other cases, there may be a need to transition the business to family or employees.  We have worked on many successful engagements in this area and can help craft a path for your business to achieve a successful outcome.

We have also helped clients with financing sourcing and decisions, human capital upgrades as well as assessing market risks of entering adjacent markets or terminating a business line to enhance focus and profitability.

Board Level Advice

Once a business becomes successful, it is vital to professionalize the Executive Management Team and/or create a Board of Directors/Advisors to implement strategic growth and create value for the company.  We understand that this is a process and not every company is at the same stage at the same time.  We specialize in providing consulting services to owners, executive management and board members to help professionalize the company and answer the hard questions. We can help with expansion strategies, entity restructuring, financial monitoring, operational issues, key employee hires, equity and debt financing, concentration issues and many other issues business often face.  We can be your sounding board for the most important issues facing your company.


One way or another your company will be passed along to someone else.  It may be that you are thinking of selling to a strategic partner or maybe you are going to give it to the kids or the employees.  Whatever the exit strategy may be, a business benefits from the focus and accountability of a pre-positioning engagement.   We offer advice and assistance in fixing valuation problems in the businesses, coordinating with your CPA’s and attorneys to make sure your legal and tax framework make sense, and making sure your management team is up for the next steps.  We work with clients to make sure we closely monitor performance of the company on a monthly basis as well as help devise plans to mitigate risks such as customer concentration and human capital deficiency.  In short, owning a business is different from transitioning a business and the pre-positioning service provides a framework to maximize the valuation and ease of transition.

Transaction Services

One of the biggest decisions in business is when and how to transition ownership and future management of the company.  If you don’t know which route you want to take in an exit, we offer a service called “The Transition Decision Matrix™”.  Other times, a business owner will have a clear idea of what route they want to go down when exiting the business.  In these cases, we can assist ranging from general advisory services to full service transaction negotiation.  We have significant experience negotiating business transactions.  We can help if you plan on selling to a strategic buyer, you have been approached by a private equity firm or you would like to sell to your management team or enact a family transition.