Working with Successful Entrepreneurs and High Net Worth Individuals

Family Office

Family Office

Comprehensive, customized advice for the successful entrepreneur and high net worth individual

Our Family Office services are tailored to each family’s needs and situation. We understand the unique needs of the successful entrepreneur and high net worth individual. By integrating wealth management with business and tax advice, we can develop a customized plan for achieving your financial objectives.

Wealth Management

Our approach starts with understanding your entire situation. That includes your overall net worth, your family situation, employment issues, businesses you may own and any real estate assets in your portfolio. Once we understand the whole picture, we can create a proprietary investment management plan tailored specifically for your situation (including collaboration with our tax staff or your tax advisor to maximize after tax efficiency). We use traditional and alternative investments to create a dynamic plan to achieve your individual and family goals. Our team of experienced and credentialed professionals implement the plan and monitor the results making adjustments along the way to ensure that your financial objectives are met both now and in the future.

Business Advice

Whether your business is in a season of growth, transition, or restructuration, our professionals can provide executive-level financial insight and strategic assistance. We can help with pre-positioning, expansion strategies, fiscal monitoring, valuation, recruitment, compensation plan design, and all other aspects of financial management.

Tax Advice

We understand the complexities of both high net worth and business ownership and can work with you to limit your tax exposure. Our unique background enables us to help you leverage your hard-earned assets and maximize your after-tax returns.