Working with Successful Entrepreneurs and High Net Worth Individuals

Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Comprehensive, independent advice for your entire net worth

Our approach starts with understanding your entire situation. That includes your overall net worth, your family situation, employment issues, businesses you may own and any real estate assets in your portfolio. Once we understand the whole picture, we can created a proprietary investment management plan tailored specifically for your situation (including collaboration with our tax staff or your tax advisor to maximize after tax efficiency). We use traditional and alternative investments to create a dynamic plan to achieve your individual and family goals. Our team of experienced and credentialed professionals implement the plan and monitor the results making adjustments along the way to ensure that your financial objectives are met both now and in the future.

Investment Management

Our investment management team is experienced in working with wealthy individuals, business owners and Fortune 500 executives. We spend our time developing strategies for each investment asset class based on the client’s goals, objectives, time horizon and risk tolerance for each investment asset (rather than applying a rule of thumb to all of your assets). We balance the related risks and return of each traditional investment with the risk and return associated with other assets a client may own including private businesses, real estate and other alternative investments. We believe this is very important due to the highly volatile and illiquid nature of some of our clients’ investments outside of their traditional investment portfolio.

We use an independent platform to select investments that meet the unique needs of our clients using an institutional investment approach. This way our clients get the best thinking behind each asset class without the proprietary product sales pressure. We are not a bank or a wire house and we do not make investments that clients can’t move freely to any national custodian. We also charge a negotiated fee to each client account that is agreed to in advance in writing and explicitly shown in client statements. VergePointe Wealth Management, LLC does not charge commissions, nor does it take soft dollars or any other type of compensation other than fees from clients as described. For additional information please see Form ADV and our Form CRS.

Estate Planning

Estate planning doesn’t have to be scary. Our personalized approach begins with you meeting and working with our highly qualified professionals to craft a plan specifically focused on your needs and goals. We work on understanding your situation and then applying that perspective to applicable estate planning tools, tax laws and various financials tools to maximize the efficiency of your estate plan. We work with our clients to come up with solutions that fit their life and we also work to monitor and assess the plan over time.

Once we have identified a base plan, we will work with your attorney to refine the plan and then have them put the legal documents in place in a timely fashion. We are careful to address family dynamics, multi-generational planning and charitable goals in preparing a plan. Estate planning is an ongoing and multi-phase process so we make sure that we review your plan over time and give you advice accordingly.

Private Banking and Other Services

Through our custodian and their related bank, we offer robust private banking services. VergePointe Wealth Management, LLC does not charge for these services and passes through all benefits of the low cost structure to our clients.

In addition, we also offer financial planning services, trust and estate services, advisory services to trustees and various other services needed commonly by our clients. If you have a specific need, please call or email to discuss your situation.

Investment advisory services offered through VergePointe Wealth Management, LLC (an SEC Registered Investment Advisor)